Thursday, February 2, 2017

Trump, Islam and the left

A Bollywood actor is doing his part to combat sexism by announcing in a Indian publication that if any of his sons ever mistreated women, he will do what any normal gentleman and all around good father would do and decapitate them. Shah Rukh Khan (better know as "SRK") told the publication Femina: "And I know that if either of my sons ever misbehaves with a woman, I'd behead them."

Time and time again we're led to believe that women in far away Muslim countries are treated unfairly and that Muslim men are a bit too Old Testemy in their customs. Well SRK is letting us know that these customs are outdated and perhaps barbaric. So take that you haters, leave your stereotypes at the door.

Which brings us to Trump. He has this idea of "extreme vetting" when it comes to Muslims coming into the US from certain countries that have a lot of people who don't like Western values, religions or indoor plumbing. His detractors claim that this is unprecedented, hateful, and a display of bad manners. After all, if this were a test for citizenship we'd have to throw out most of Hollywood, CNN, MSNBC and Bill Nye the Science Guy. But all Trump wants to do is to make sure we don't allow terrorists in. He's not banning people because of their religion. If he did that then we would be no better than fun loving Iran or Saudi Arabia. You think Trump wants to be like the leaders of those countries? They don't even wear trousers.

A curious criticism to the Trump policy states that this is a "recruiting tool" for ISIS or any other terrorist group. The idea here is that Islamic terrorists hate American values, hate those values for a reason, and, oh I know,must be for the same reasons those values are hated by the likes of Cher, Madonna and fatso Michael Moore. Animosity coming from the lunatic left is channeled into the motivations of Islamic terrorists. They are not down with their acts (not yet anyway) but they at least understand where they're coming from. Trump policies make Islam hate America, hence, more terrorists.

What the left is missing is that Islamic fundamentalist don't like anyone for what they are, because it is not who they are. Hindu's, Jews, Muslims of a different sect; they're all targets. Not "we bomb their countries so you can't blame them". There is a particular kind of hatred within the Islamic religion and extreme violence to go with it. This doesn't apply to most Muslims or all-no serious person makes this claim-but it is there. The claims of "SRK" above has to make one pause, even if it were in jest, which it wasn't. What if his words aren't met with the least bit of controversy or the controversy was focused around him being a bit too ingratiating towards woman? Would that surprise anyone?

But you have to wonder why more vetting is being mis-characterized, even lied about to the degree that it is. Certainly you can't be too careful so as to prevent a terrorist attack and terrorists do come from the list of countries Trump wants to be careful about. The left wants to stop the policy going forward, not the policy being proposed, but the policy they advertise it to be, which is, to borrow a term, fake. Is it because it may do too good a job? Do they actually want terrorist coming in? The question must be asked: if terrorists were to attack us under Trump, wouldn't the left see that as a political gain and wouldn't a prevention of terrorism during a Trump term set them back?